Removing hazardous materials from your building

With over 20 years’ experience of safe asbestos removal and management we provide a highly effective service for the multitude of environments where this hazardous material is found.

Our comprehensive asbestos management service covers every stage of the removal and disposal process, from initial surveys by our technical experts through to air monitoring on completion of the project.

Our five stage approach gives our customers complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive surveys identify the exact location, extent and type of asbestos that needs to be managed or removed.

Risk assessments. Our expert technicians can provide a full review of the severity and potential risk posed by the asbestos material on site. This leads to a detailed Risk Assessment and an accompanying method statement of how we will deal with the hazard.

Because of the danger of airborne pollution the asbestos is wet stripped and injected with a fibre suppressant to minimise dust and debris.

Removing asbestos is undertaken under strict health and safety procedures and the material collected in UN approved packaging with CDG hazard signs and asbestos codes ready for safe transportation to a regulated disposal site.

Once all asbestos has been removed our teams will conduct an air monitoring test across the area or site. The tests are conducted by independent, approved UKAS accredited analytical laboratories. At this point the customer has complete peace of mind that the hazard has been removed and effectively disposed of prior to any construction or refurbishment works.

We are a company you can trust, whether it is emergency work or you are looking
for a highly qualified and certified team to turn your dream home into a reality, our team can help.